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altpair_inufic's Journal

Alternate pairing, Inuyasha fanfiction community
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Hello and welcome. Due to the original communities moderater being suspended, I've decided to make a replacement (popular demand).

'Kay, rules then,

1.No spamming. Any spam will be deleted, and should it happen more than twice, I'll ban you.

2.No flaming. Keep the peace.

3.This is a community for ALTERNATE Inuyasha pairing FANFICTION. Remain on topic.

4.Canon pairings ARE allowed in a fic, provided there is at least on e main alternate pairing focus point. Anything thats not canon counts as alternate.

5.As for whats considered canon, anything thats been canon during any point of the series, (two-sided love) counts. Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Kikyou/Inuyasha Inu-papa/Izayoi, Inu-papa/Sess-mama, ect, and to make things easier they don't count as an alternate pairing, even if its in a different timeline than they take place. Its simply easier on my mind.

6.When plugging fics, you MUST use the following format:

Title: I won't patronize you on this.

Genres: As many as it applys to.

Pairings Represented: Some people (for reasons I cannot fathom) are quite picky about pairings. Please list ALL pairings, that are included in the fic, even if there minor, or slightly implied (in which case the word 'implied' would be best).

Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, you know the drill.

Summary: Something other than, "I suck at summaries", or "Look inside." Its easier on the brains of us.

7.As soon as reach reach a certain number of members, I may be hold contests. You might wan't to know a few things before I do:
The moderater is wierd. And perverted. The catergory will probably follow up to this.

8.Have fun!